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Watch our short-film and impressions of ART&ANTIQUE Residenz Salzburg 2019!

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The beauty of things lives in the soul of the one who beholds them

Mag. Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann (Geschäftsführung M.A.C. Hoffmann)

We are keen to engage with art and the personal exchange with art dealers and gallery owners, which opens up new perspectives. We invite you to stay in touch with us. We are looking forward to the next fair soon. In the meantime, enjoy our regular updates on artworks, artists, galleries and art dealers. #stayintouch #artundantique

Alexandra Graski-Hoffmann

Galerie bei der Albertina ▪ Zetter

Katharina Zetter-Karner

Both ART&ANTIQUE fairs are characterised by the fact that they take place in an incredibly beautiful ambience. It is generally filled with art and creates a wonderful symbiosis for exhibiting there. Salzburg is a very special fair because it is smaller and the city of Salzburg has so much charm, which radiates. Then there is the internationality of the festival at the same time. For us, Salzburg is always a bit of a holiday, even though we work there. It's very familiar, you know your colleagues and regular customers, and that's at Easter time. We then spend Easter in Salzburg, which is also always very nice. We come to the fair in dirndls and hide Easter eggs in the stands. It's a special mix of our job and also pleasure.

Katharina Zetter-Karner

Kunsthandel Giese & Schweiger

Alexander Giese

When I skipped the Easter Fair in Salzburg for the first time in many years on the occasion of the birth of my daughter in 2010, an important component was missing from my year' s schedule. Also in terms of business, but above all emotionally. How I will cope with the current dry spell of two years, I cannot foresee. But Easter 2022 will be a balm on my wounds. I simply can't imagine my life without Salzburg at Easter.

Alexander Giese

All pictures: © wildbild


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