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ART&ANTIQUE Residenzhof Salzburg 2020

Seductive Powers of All Kinds
The head of a Greek goddess, hewn from Cypriot limestone, at the Residenzhof: presumably it is Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty (Christoph Bacher Archäologie Ancient Art). Love also reigns supreme in Mozart’s Così fan tutte, while the tragic figure Elektra thirsts for revenge in Richard Strauss’ eponymous opera. The Salzburg Festival is taking place! Small, excellent, condensed. Just like the sixth edition of the ART&ANTIQUE at the Residenz courtyard, in a climatized tent, with sufficient space and fresh air.
The gods of the arts make a starry appearance here: Georges Braque created a poetic vision (Galerie Française Gérard Schneider), Serge Poliakoff an abstract one (Kolhammer & Mahringer), Pop Art master Roy Lichtenstein a colourful one (Kunsthaus Wiesinger). Revered as a master of Alpine scenery, Alfons Walde and his Mountain Summer are present at Kunsthandel Freller. Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller had Sunday Calm follow the walk to church in 1859 (Lilly’s Contemporary Art Exclusive Antiques). The Fourteen Emergency Helpers grouped on a predella created around 1480 want to help protect us (Runge Kunsthandel). Friedensreich Hundertwasser, an early, 1964 work of whose can be seen at Schütz Fine Art, believed in nature. A sumptuous plate of Viennese enamel might have been created for the table of the gods (Kunsthandel Markus Strassner), and a golden ring on view at Pintar Schmuck und Silber des 20. Jahrhunderts could enhance even Aphrodite’s beauty. Let yourself be seduced, both by the Festival’s gods and by divine art!